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Monday, July 02, 2007

Alpha Five Version 8 named a CRN Emerging Technology

Forgive me for being thrilled for all of us in the Alpha Five community, but we just got some great news about everyone’s favorite database, Alpha Five Version 8: It was chosen by CRN to be included on CRN's Emerging Tech List!

The offerings that set us apart were Alpha Five Version 8’s ability to produce robust Web and desktop database applications faster through our RAD tools (rapid application development), Portable SQL, integrated Report Builder, and integrated Web Security Framework.

So what exactly does it mean to be an emerging technology? For starters, solutions providers will be eager to partner with us in their search for alternative product choices. According to the 2007 CRN Emerging Tech Survey, solution providers add emerging technologies because:

  • The technology is superior to other products in the market segment.

  • The technology complements a solution provider’s existing practice areas.

  • Emerging vendors pay more attention and provide better service to partners.

  • Emerging vendors offer higher margins.

  • Emerging vendors have better joint marketing programs.
And the good news for us: 61 percent of solutions providers surveyed plan to increase the number of emerging technology vendors they partner with in the next 12 months.

Here’s the methodology behind the selection process. Vendors who make the CRN Emerging Tech list must have an established solution provider program and formal guidelines for recruiting channel partners.

They must demonstrate that their direct sales mix is trending down as evidenced by the company’s revenue history, a channel positive or channel neutral strategy for internal sales compensation, and lower market share.

Final selection to the Emerging Technology list was made at the discretion of the CRN editorial team after a review of the submitted information and conversations with current or targeted partners.

Without a doubt, winning a spot on CRN’s Emerging Tech List validates our value proposition. When partners talk, we listen. They told us they wanted one tool that can do it all, from the desktop to the data center.

So we gave them a database development platform that met their strategic needs, and their customers’ business requirements—without locking them into one vendor’s database, or forcing them to abandon legacy platforms.

It’s this type of forward-thinking that sets us apart, and we’re excited to be recognized for it. Thanks CRN!


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