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Friday, July 20, 2007 points to Alpha Five

I was cruising some of my regular database haunts on the Web today, when what did I hit, but one of our own tutorials.

Apparently,'s Mike Chapple thought highly enough of it that he featured it in his database column.

His actual quote was -- "In this video tutorial, Alpha Five's developers walk you through the process of using their platform to quickly create a database for a fictitious dog-washing business. It's a great introduction to databases that takes about 22 minutes to view. "

If you ever thought that programming a database was beyond your skills, I have a feeling this tutorial might convince you otherwise. We believe that, given the right tools, the average person can take control of their data destiny.

You really don't have to be beholden to your IT department or consultants to build your own software applications. Now, I have nothing against IT departments or consultants; we support their needs, too.

But unlike most tools that are powerful enough to keep IT pros and consultants happy, our product, Alpha Five, has a special set of features designed specifically to make building databases approachable by the average business person.

If you've ever been interested in building your own custom apps, but thought it was the exclusive domain of professional programmers, give this tutorial a view. It might just change your mind.

It showcases what we believe is one of Alpha Five's key differentiators in the market: ease of use for novices, with power to spare for professionals.

If, after you watch the tutorial, you'd like to try to build a database, download a free trial version of Alpha Five. Let me know how you fare.

Btw, we have even more tutorials here.


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