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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

7 minutes that can change your life

Well, maybe not change your life, but perhaps change your mind about which database platform gives you the most modern, richest, easiest-to-use feature set.

Here's the first cut of a new video I've been working on, designed to be a fast and furious introduction to Alpha Five Version 8.

It's not a tutorial, but rather, an overview. In the old days, we'd develop direct mail brochures or, later, Web pages or PDFs that bullet out interesting features and screen caps.

Today, online video provides a far more efficient way to communicate software features, as this 7 minute video demonstrates. You can see the features in action, and spend less time trying to determine if they're relevant to your needs.

Please note this new video is a work in progress. There remain some rough edges. I would love to get your feedback, either via e-mail or here as a comment. Where can this and future videos be improved?


Anonymous said...

Nice video. Alpha Five V8 is very interesting for developers like myself. But just a video doesn't make me decide for a product like Alpha Five V8. As a professionell developer for database driven desktopapps I would love to see a demoapp based on your runtime on your webpage for download (e.g. simple addressbook).

Richard Rabins - Alpha Software said...

when you download the Alpha Five v8 trial off

one of the sample applications is Alpha Sports - which is an order entry, invoicing, reporting, emailing application

if you you have any questions just email me at

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