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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Webinar: New Ways to Work With Reports Against SQL Data

The latest webinar from Selwyn, Alpha CTO and co-Chairman, covered one of the key questions we get asked from customers that work with SQL back ends: How do we get the most from Alpha Five to help us with reporting?

The webinar covered:

  • Connecting directly to Excel and building reports
  • Connecting to SQL databases and building reports
  • Examples of reports where the data is coming from mixed sources such as Alpha Five, Access, Excel and SQL. (An example of such report would be a customer report where purchasing history comes from an Alpha Five database, the customers payment history comes from an Excel spreadsheet, the customers payment history is in Access and the sales notes are maintained in a SQL database.)

It was a great demonstration in just what can be achieved in Alpha Five from Selwyn. As normal, for anyone who missed it we have 2 recordings:

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you have any requests or ideas for future webinar topics we would love to hear them - please contact me on with your thoughts

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Alpha Page on

It always surprises us here at Alpha just how great our customers are and the lengths they go to prove that to us.

Take Ross from He is a happy Alpha customer (is there any other kind?!) who decided to create a posting on about us and the Alpha Five database. He did this with no prompting from us - he simply wanted to make other people aware of the product that had helped his business so much.

The Editor of liked it so much that he put it on the homepage. Anyone who wants to take a look at the page can go to

Thanks Ross!

Email from Barry

To start the week off well, I wanted to share with everyone a great email we had from one of our customers over the Easter weekend:

"I feel like I need to throw out almost everything I know about programming because everything seems so seamless and easy to use.

My client is looking to track employee vacation and sick time along with some other internal tracking. I have taken your employee database as a starting point and expanding the program to fit their needs.

The client has over 40 locations in three states and it seems that some employees who work at remote sites have NEVER taken a sick day or vacation. Of course we know this is not true, so the client is looking for a way to monitor it and Alpha Five lets us do that."

Barry Kucher
Systems Administrator

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Alpha Five V8 Webinar By Selwyn Rabins

We recently held a major webinar about Alpha Five V8, hosted by the CTO and co-Chairman Selwyn Rabins for all our customers and partners so they could see the product in action. Wow - what a response from everyone!

We had over 450 attendees and they were blown away by the power, speed and flexibility of Version 8. It's one thing to build a database yourself from scratch, but when you watch someone like Selwyn work his magic and have a ready-to-use database built in minutes you get a much better idea of what can be achieved for your own business.

Anyway, for those people that missed the seminar, we have a full recording for you to be able to watch online:

Web Features

Desktop Features

SQL Features

Enjoy them - and don't forget to post your thoughts about them here.

By the way - we have a range of other video tutorials for you to watch


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