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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alpha Software helps P & A amplify

Survival of the fittest applies to the business world just as much as it applies to the natural world. Businesses grow, thrive, and survive based on their ability to adapt and serve. No one knows that better than Gregory Zilliox, IT Manager and CTO at P & A Group.

Greg used Alpha Five to gain the step up he needed in the competitive insurance business. Read on to find out how, or take a look at the full PDF version.

Customer Profile
The P & A Group was established in 1975 to provide assistance in the design, administration, and communication of a wide range of employee benefit plans, compensation plans, and retirement and investment services. The company provides comprehensive outsourcing solutions for businesses searching for one-stop accountability in outsourcing of benefits consulting, brokerage, administration, compliance, and communication.

Buffalo, N.Y.



P & A Group is a small, fast-growing company that was reaching a tipping point. Rapid growth was making it harder to manage employee benefit plans, compensation plans, and retirement and investment services transactions for customers. Approximately 500,000 transactions a year were completed manually on paper and spreadsheets. The process was at risk for error, and made it hard to retrieve information quickly. P & A wanted to centralize and automate their business processes, so employees would spend less time working with spreadsheets or searching for data, and more time focusing on customers and the business.

P & A hired consultant Greg Zilliox to create an application to automate the business. Zilliox used Alpha to build a centralized database to process clients' 401(k) records. The application managed P & A's 401(k) client services end to end, and connected P & A to all major payroll companies in America. Zilliox gradually converted all of P & A's manual processes into software applications using Alpha Five. Ultimately, all paper-based and manual systems were phased out.

Since deploying the finished Alpha Five database application, human error at P & A has been eliminated. Data entry is fast and validated, and searches for client information return results instantly. Information is tightly integrated with all major U.S. payroll companies, eliminating double-entry of data. Most important, the application has empowered P & A to scale it customer base exponentially-something that would not have been possible had the company remained with manual systems. Within five years of deploying the new app, P & A's customer base grew ten fold, from 500,000 transactions a year to 5 million. As new requirements emerge, Zilliox can create new Web forms and processes in minutes, and entirely new application modules in just days, thanks to Alpha Five's rapid development tools such as Action Scripting and Genies. The resulting Alpha Five applications are so scalable and reliable, thousands of people access them simultaneously every day. And although the applications support extraordinarily complex financial processes, they are simple enough for any employee to use. Alpha Five's built-in security framework protects sensitive financial and personal information from prying eyes. Lastly, Alpha Five's competitive licensing model allows P & A to sustain a world-class financial software system for a fraction of what it would cost using any other database platform. Indeed, P & A's low overheard for software licensing and development is credited entirely to Alpha Five, the company's "secret weapon."

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