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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My very own Alpha Dog

Meet Caspian and Teige. These two beauties belong to my next door neighbor, and have become a part of my (and my daughter's) every day life.

My family often babysits -- or should I say dogsits -- Caspian and Teige when their owners are out of town (and even when they're not). In fact, they're around so frequently, I've become rather accustomed to having a furry friend at my feet in my home office.

We've fallen in love with Irish Setters thanks to these two goof balls, and they were a big push of the scale in my decision to finally get my own Rabins family dog. It turns out that another dog from the same litter as Caspian and Teige's is having puppies, so I'm taking the plunge!

The puppies will be arriving this winter, and my daughter and I will choose the next member of our family then. This is very exciting news for the Rabins family, and what better place to share my happiness than here, with you?


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