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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alpha Five versus FileMaker Round 10 (part 2)

Earlier this month, Frank Ohlhorst published his own review of Filemaker Version 10 in Ziff Davis's Channel Insider.

Like Monday's Filemaker review in InfoWorld, Alpha is again being pulled into the ring as an able alternative. In fact, Ohlhorst points to Alpha as the better choice for creating Web applications, thanks in part to our large menu of Web application features and codeless Ajax technology.

Alpha Software’s Alpha Five V9 is similar to Microsoft Office Access in many ways. Both applications can work with multiple data sources, and both offer a “basic-like” programming language and support the creation of compiled multiuser applications.

Alpha Five V9’s claim to fame comes from its rapid application development (RAD) capabilities. While FileMaker and Access offer a GUI-based development environment, Alpha Five V9 goes much further when it comes to capabilities and design. What’s more, Alpha Five V9 offers the ability to create AJAX-based applications, which allow developers to move Alpha Five V9 applications over to the Web with unprecedented ease.

FileMaker Pro V10 also offers Web application capabilities but requires the purchase of File Maker Server V10 Advanced for $2,999 to accomplish that task and FileMaker’s Web application features are quite limited, when compared with Alpha Five V9. For developers looking to make the transition over to Web applications and leverage AJAX technology, Alpha Five V9 proves to be a better choice than FileMaker.
As I said yesterday, FileMaker and Alpha have been competing for decades, but with the release of Filemaker Version 10, and the upcoming release of Alpha Five Version 10, Alpha has completely pulled away from FileMaker Web capabilities. If you haven't read it yet, put your eyes on yesterday's post to get the full scoop.

And stay tuned for our upcoming series of benchmark tests against other popular database products, including FileMaker 10, just like the competitive grid we completed after our last releases.


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