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Monday, November 02, 2009

HealthSoft Solutions finds a solution with Alpha Five


Don Lavigne, founder of HealthSoft Solutions, has done just that. It's the classic entrepreneurial story. Don had a need. He turned to Alpha Software to solve that need. And he found his solution so useful, that he figured others could benefit too!

Have a look at the case study below to read Don's full story, and be sure to check out the fancy PDF version as well.

Customer Name
HealthSoft Solutions

Customer Profile
HealthSoft Solutions was designed to give chiropractors and physical therapists the ability to create a daily patient record in a matter of seconds and generate complete reports with the push of a button. HealthSoft Solutions' intuitive medical office applications can help users quickly and effortlessly accomplish almost any office task, while strictly adhering to today's stringent insurance guidelines.


Annandale, N.J.


Healthcare IT


Lavigne will be the first to tell you that in a busy chiropractic office, chiropractors need to be able to generate patient reports quickly. Insurance companies and government regulations require detailed patient files for each visit that include information such as objective, assessment, plan, muscle tone, range of motion, etc. Most chiropractors write these reports by hand after each appointment, meaning many offices are handwriting up to 100 reports each day. And because most chiropractic visits are part of a multiple-week-long treatment plan that includes much of the same therapies each week, most of the report-taking is repetitive. In his own chiropractic office, Lavigne tried to expedite this process by creating a database program that could generate reports digitally. He invested $7,000 in a documentation and practice management program. But soon after Lavigne began working with it, he realized there were too many limitations, the program was non-intuitive, and the process was tedious. Overall, it was taking Lavigne even more time to create a report digitally than it would to write them by hand. In the end, he abandoned the software and was back to square one. Lavigne needed a fully customizable software program that would be intuitive, non-repetitive, and most importantly, fast. That’s when he first considered creating that solution himself. But Lavigne had no programming skills. He searched for a developer who could build a program to meet his specifications, but received quotes upward of $250,000. Not only was that out of his price range, but he knew he would have to spend his own time in conversations with a programmer to ensure they included exactly what he wanted in the application.


Instead of wasting time describing what he wanted to a developer, Lavigne decided his time would be better spent creating the application himself. Doing a simple Internet search, Lavigne found Alpha Software. Alpha promised everything that he was looking for, and the price was right. Before even opening the box, Lavigne spent a few months learning how to create navigatable tables that would be as user friendly as a simple Excel spreadsheet. He then used Alpha Five to build forms based on his existing fields. As a non-programmer, Alpha Five’s wizards and easy-to-master toolbars were essential to Lavigne. Besides spending 40 hours a week at work, Lavigne came home each night to three young children, so he didn’t have time to teach himself anything that would require a computer science degree. With Alpha Five, there was no need. Thanks to Alpha’s low learning curve, he felt proficient after only spending a few hours a week working on his application.


The result is a high-performance, completely customizable, intuitive Web database that is now addressing all of Lavigne’s requirements. Lavigne, a chiropractor with absolutely no background in programming, was able to have his entire application up and running within months. The application’s design lets users rapidly create patient notes that fully comply with stringent insurance and government guidelines. Alpha Five’s powerful yet easy-to-use tools made it possible for Lavigne to achieve the lofty goals he established for the database, without having to learn a computer language or writing a single line of code. While it used to take Lavigne up to five minutes to create a single patient report, he can now compose a report in just seconds. The application’s workflow is intuitive and user-friendly. And almost any office task can be completed in only a few mouse clicks, from documentation to time sheets to patient exercises and education. Because it’s Web-based, anyone from the office can securely access medical records without any further investment in IT infrastructure. Lavigne was so pleased with his application, he dubbed it HealthSoft Solutions, and now sells it to chiropractors and physical therapists as a documentation and patient management program. Because Alpha’s flexibility makes it easy to customize any application, Lavigne offers to modify each program to suit his customer’s unique business needs. HealthSoft Solutions has taken off, and Lavigne has delivered dozens of custom applications in a fraction of the time and for a fragment of the cost of other solutions.

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