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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Comparing Alpha Five Version 10 to Microsoft Access, FileMaker, and Iron Speed

Since August 2008, we've been maintaining a grid that compares Alpha Five, Microsoft Access, FileMaker, and Iron Speed. This is a decision-making tool for developers who ask the question, "How does Alpha Five compare to other database products?"

It's a very important question. We pitched a lot of people in the media to publish a comparison. Unfortunately, we weren't able to pique anyone's interest in doing a tough head-to-head test of the leading tools on the market. Frankly, we think it's because the trade magazines are under-resourced these days.

Well, we took it upon ourselves to invest in creating this grid, because we think it's important to potential customers. It's maintained for us by an industry analyst.

To reiterate what we said when we first published the grid, the reviewer's marching orders are to make sure he keeps the features list up to date and accurate. That's it. There's no effort whatsoever in this process to make Alpha Five Version 10 come out ahead of any other products. Rather, we leave it to you to decide.

So take a look at our fancy PDF version of the comparison product grid. You can also go to to see a shareable, online spreadsheet version.

Please let us know if you see anything that's inaccurate in the grid. We'll correct any inaccuracies or errors immediately. And please feel free to share this with everyone you know. If you're a blogger or journalist who wants to use our grid, go ahead. Just let us know when you do so.


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