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Friday, February 05, 2010

Codeless AJAX, transparent windows, shadows, and desktop-like experiences on the Web: One developer pushes the limits of Alpha Five

Everybody loves their babies. They're cuddly and cute, but you never know what they're going to grow up to be. You want your son to be a doctor, but he grows up to be a rock guitarist. You want your daughter to be a painter, but she grows up to be a lawyer.

It's just the same when you're a marketer of database development software. Alpha Five Version 10 was officially born in January when we launched it. It's still an infant and we really don't know what's it's going to grow up to be.

What I mean is, developers in our community continually send me examples of what they're doing with Alpha Five Version 10 as they explore its new features and test its limits. I'm constantly amazed at the things they can figure out to do with the tool, things we didn't even conceive of when we designed the fundamental product.

Here's one example. Developer Peter Conway, as many of you know from past posts, has been exploring Alpha Five Version 10's ability to create ultra-contemporary user experiences. He's been able to create the kinds of things we see in Microsoft Windows 7, such as transparent windows, shadows, curved edges and more -- without having to write any code. The difference is he's doing it with Web applications that are driven by Alpha Five Version 10 with Codeless AJAX, not desktop applications!

Take a look at this video that Peter put together for me with his latest experiment. It blew me away! And I think it will do the same to you. Like I said, we could not imagine everything users would do with Alpha Five Version 10. We build the tool with tons of capability. What you do with it is up to you.

Watch the video below to see Peter's innovations in use. 


Anonymous said...

I am impressed, Peter. As Richard said that they even do not know the limits of the product they've developed.

I can imagine that with the new Alpha Five Codeless AJAX a new and better "SharePoint" product can be build.

Regards, Marcel Kollenaar

Anonymous said...

videos disappeared from Screencast...
could be Microsoft responsible for this steal?

Richard Rabins said...

Thanks for the comment. We're looking into it. Stay tuned.

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