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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alpha Five Version 10 Feature Peek #46: Multiple language definition support

Hola! Bonjour! Jambo! Buongiorno! There are so many different ways to say hello. And when you're building a database application, there a lot of languages you might need to create it in.

Arguably, internationalization wasn't as much of an imperative 10 or 20 years ago as it is today. In the client server era, you weren't necessarily having people around the globe connecting to your internal corporate applications. In the global Internet era, by definition, your application might need to be available to people all around the world. And it should respect them by speaking their language.

This is one of the reasons we made sure to include support for internationalization in Alpha Five Version 10. Language definitions were first introduced in the grid component, but they now have been extended to the Tabbed UI component and the page layout builder. Watch the video to learn how to use language definition strings in each.

NEW V10 FEATURE: Language definition strings extended


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