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Friday, March 26, 2010

Alpha Five Version 10 training in Vegas: You can bet on it!

Two words: Vegas baby! We're bringing back Alpha's successful Live Hands-On Alpha Five Version 10 Training Course for round two in Las Vegas. Join us from May 17 to 21 at the luxurious Marriot Renaissance Las Vegas hotel.

Last time we offered this training course it sold out within days. Now here's a tidbit that will help you pull out your credit card faster. Sign up before April 1 and you'll save up to $400!

"Alpha University" is a hands-on, in-depth training course that will teach you how to build modern Ajax-enabled Web database applications rapidly with Alpha Five Version 10. It will also help prepare you to become an Alpha Certified Developer.

The course was developed by Dr. Martin Heller, Alpha Software's new Vice President of Education and Technology, Strategic Developer blogger for InfoWorld, and as you know, a well-respected author, educator, and developer. Based on feedback from the first training course last month in Boston, Martin streamlined it to make it better than ever.

In round two, the course will be taught by Steve Workings. Steve has trained more people on Alpha Five than anyone else in the world. He is the author of the bestselling "Alpha Five Total Training" video series and has been an Alpha Software consultant and trainer for over 20 years.

You've seen these details before in my previous post from the first training course, but let me refresh your memory on what you'll the learn over the four days.

Web applications with Alpha Five Version 10 is a three-part, hands-on, instructor-led course that will teach you how to create your own highly-responsive Web applications using the revolutionary new database application developer tool, Alpha Five Version 10.

In 101: Introduction to Web applications with Alpha Five Version 10, you'll learn the ins and outs of Version 10's core component, the AJAX grid, and learn to combine multiple grids into Web applications.

In 102: Intermediate Web applications with Alpha Five Version 10, you'll learn how to build A5W pages, generate reports, publish a Web application, and secure a Web application.

In 103: Advanced Web applications with Alpha Five Version 10, you'll learn enough Xbasic and Action JavaScript to add event-driven actions and business logic to your Version 10 applications.

Relax and let someone else teach you the details of building AJAX Web database applications with Version 10 in beautiful Las Vegas. Sign up today! And don't forget, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ;)


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