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Thursday, March 11, 2010

PC Pro highlights Alpha Five Version 10's simplicity, effectiveness, and more

It's only March, but I got my hands on the May issue of PC Pro, a computing and technology magazine from across the pond. When I saw that the editors dedicated three pages to Alpha Five Version 10, I knew I was going to REALLY like this issue.

One of the things I liked about the article was the step-by-step walkthrough of building an application, complete with screenshots. It was very well done and reminded me of the best days of PC publishing.

What a lot of Americans don't realize is that in the United Kingdom and Europe, "dead tress" publishing is very much alive. Which is why publications like PC Pro are still thriving over there, while most of the U.S. tech trade publications have gone mostly, if not entirely, online.

If you miss those days, grab the next flight. Meanwhile, order the issue because the articles aren't available online yet (when they are I'll post the links here.)


Dan Bergen said...

In Canada PC Pro can be bought at Chapters and some news shops. Perhaps it is available in larger bookstores in the US.

Anonymous said...

Richard, i do not know much about your product, but from what i have read, i think it is a pewerful software. I am going to try it and after a month, i will give you feedback.


Richard Mabaso

Richard Rabins said...

@Dan Bergen,

Thanks for the insight, Dan.

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