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Monday, May 24, 2010

Alpha Five Version 10.5 Feature Peek #1: Formatting international currency symbols

I'm talking money, honey. As more developers build Web applications for global use, we continuously expand support for internationalization. Now in Alpha Five Version 10.5, you can easily format currency symbols for every country in the world in your applications for the cloud.

Previously, you could only use non-Unicode symbols, such as the dollar sign. That wasn't helping our friends out in Nigeria who couldn't use the symbol for the naira in their applications. This really happened. They told us the problem, and instead of just adding the naira symbol, we added all 130 currency symbols.

The first video demonstrates both server-side and client-side formatting of the currency data. The second video shows you how to print reports with international currency symbols. Godere!

Formatting international currency data

Printing reports with international currency symbols


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