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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A 12-step program for Microsoft Access developers

Hello, my name is Richard and I am addicted to helping Microsoft Access developers get their applications off the desktop and onto the Web with Alpha Five Version 10.5. This addiction has led me to create a 12-step program for MS Access developers to follow. If you're an Access developer looking to take control of your applications, follow the steps below and your apps will see a better life on the Web.

The 12 Steps of Access Anonymous

Step 1. Admit you are powerless over Access. Your database applications have become unmanageable.

Step 2. Believe in Alpha Five Version 10.5, a Web database development platform that is greater than Access. It can restore your sanity and get your application onto the Web.

Step 3. Make the decision to download a free 30-day trial version of Alpha Five Version 10.5.

Step 4. Conduct a searching and fearless moral inventory of your recommendations to clients where you insisted they should stay on the desktop because you couldn't get your code to the Web.

Step 5. Admit to yourself and others that Access will never let you take your database application to the Web quickly or at a reasonable price.

Step 6. Acknowledge you are ready to read and watch tutorials to learn step-by-step how to bring your applications off the desktop.

Step 7. Ask Alpha Five developers for support on the message boards and they will assist within hours. Take peace in knowing that if you discover bugs in software, Alpha Five will fix them in days. You don't have to wait until a new version is released.

Step 8. Create a list of all the desktop applications you have harmed with Access and become willing to make amends to them all.

Step 9. Make amends to your apps and your clients by porting their apps to the cloud with Alpha Five.

Step 10. Continue to learn the benefits of Alpha Five and discover new ways to learn all of its benefits.

Step 11. Seek continued support on the Alpha Software blog.

Step 12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, carry this message to Access developers everywhere and practice these principles in all your applications.

OK, the above is tongue-in-cheek and having a little fun with a serious issue. We certainly don't mean to poke fun at Alcoholics Anonymous. It's an outstanding organization that developed the original 12 Step program, which has been proven to help people break their alcohol addiction. If you are struggling with an addiction issue, we encourage you visit the Alcoholics Anonymous website and join a local chapter.

And if you're struggling with an Access addiction issue, well your 12 steps are here. Print 'em out. Cut 'em out. Paste them on your wall.


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