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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alpha Five Version 10.5 feature pack of the week: Action Buttons

Ka-pow! Boom! Wham! No, you're not reading a Batman comic, you're reading an Alpha Software blog post. But those same sounds you probably know and love from your childhood are now erupting from the newest Alpha Five Version 10.5 feature pack: Action Buttons.

We've always offered the ability to put buttons in the Grid row, but the Action Buttons feature pack lets your Grid pack a bigger punch. With it, you can add action buttons in the Grid toolbar; detail view toolbar; any of the free-form areas that surround the Grid, detail view, or search part; master template; and inside the detail view layout.

The action buttons can execute any JavaScript code you define or by using Action Javascript. You can also format them to show text and icons or hyperlinks. To add even more oomph, animate the action buttons by defining special effects, including different images to use for the normal, hover, pressed, and disabled states.

Watch the videos to get a demo of everything I just told you above. If you want even more info, read the release notes.

Part one

Part two

Part three


Masago said...

This is very useful and look forward to using this.

p.s. The buttons I have seen in A5 all seem to all have square corners. Is there an easy way to have it provide rounded corners like many web apps I see?

Richard Rabins said...

Right now there is not. But you'll be happy to know that we'll be introducing this in Alpha Five Version 11.

Masago said...

Ah, that will be nice!

Will that be in 2011? Can we look forward to, "Version Eleven in Twenty-Eleven"? :-)

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