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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Put your learning cap on: Registration opens for three new Alpha University courses

This post has been updated here.

It's time to ship up to Boston for three new Alpha University courses in application development this November. If you're looking to put some more pizazz into your desktop applications or Web apps, we've got what you need.

The "Advanced Alpha Five Web Applications with JavaScript and jQuery" and "Advanced Alpha Five Desktop Applications" courses both run from Tuesday, Nov. 9 to Thursday, Nov. 11. So choose wisely as to which course you would get more out of.

The exact location of the courses is still TBD, but they will be held in the Greater Boston area. I will post an update with the location as soon as we nail it down.

The Web apps class will be taught by Jeff Cogswell, a well-respected developer who has covered application development for publications such as eWeek. He will cover these four areas: Getting up to speed with JavaScript, Alpha Five's JavaScript model, jQuery and jQueryUI, and jQueryUI and Alpha components.

The desktop apps class will be taught by veteran instructors Steve Workings and Jay Talbott. It will cover topics such as Thinking About Your Data Source, Building Forms that Do More, Xbasic, Deployment and Support, and Using Web App Tools on the Desktop.

Since these are advanced courses, some prerequisites are required. Jump over to the website to see what they are before you register.

The third course we're offering runs one day on Monday, Nov. 8, and has no prerequisites. "Learn Xbasic" will teach you the ins and outs of Xbasic programming, Alpha Five's programming language that can be used for both desktop and Web applications. It will be taught by Jay Talbott and my brother, Selwyn Rabins.

With these courses starting in just a little over a month, head over to the website for more details or to register. Spots do fill up quickly, so don't waste anytime!


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