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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dispatches from Alpha University Boston, day two

The Learn Xbasic class at Alpha University concluded on Monday, which meant that our Advanced Applications classes were on deck for Tuesday. On day two, both classes ran simultaneously. Jeff Cogswell led the Advanced Wed Applications class while Steve Workings and Jay Talbott led the Advanced Desktop Applications class.

I was going back and forth between both classes all day. I can honestly say that on every occasion I walked into either of the classes, I could hear a pin drop. Every single attendee was so absorbed in what the trainers were teaching them.

After a long day of training there is nothing quite like a little reprieve to the lounge area for a beverage, which is where you'd find most of us. A time to unwind, share thoughts about the day, answer each others questions and well for me, to do my usual Sudoku puzzle!

Our very loyal training attendee, Dick Bruno would present me with a new, custom-designed Sudoku puzzle at the end of each training day. Thanks Dick! Keep your eyes peeled to the blog. I'll be bringing you final updates from days three and four of Alpha University Boston.

Me and my Sudoku provider, Dick

Jay Talbott and Steve Working's Advanced Desktop Applications class

Jeff Cogswell's Advanced Web Applications class


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