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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How one nonprofit is migrating from Microsoft Access to Alpha Five

Microsoft Access is a formidable competitor to Alpha Five on the desktop. But when you compare the two platforms' abilities to build Web apps, that's where some major differences become clear. However, to have me point out the pros and cons of each wouldn't really appear objective.

Instead I'll have Alan Owen, Managing Director of JA Computer Solutions Ltd (JAC) in the U.K., walk you through them in a podcast with Melissa, the voice of Alpha Software podcasts. He's had a lot of success building desktop applications with Access, but recently started migrating his apps to the Web with Alpha Five.

Alan's been in the nonprofit sector since 1989 and comes from a Unix background. He started JAC in 2001, which builds database applications for nonprofits. The four main database applications Alan's built and uses with about 80 clients are help line, fundraising, beneficiary grant management, and animal re-homing.

MS Access was working wonderfully for his company and clients up until this year. That's when a client approached Alan about building a Web application, and he knew that it was time to start providing his clients Web-based solutions.

He searched around the Web, found Alpha Five, and is in the process of migrating his four Microsoft Access desktop applications to the Web with it. In the podcast, Alan tells Melissa why Access worked well for JAC until it came to building a Web app.

He also reveals what it's been like migrating from Access to Alpha Five, the successes he's had, the problems he's encountered, where he turns when he needs questions answered or bugs fixed, and more.

So give the podcast a listen, especially if you're an Access developer looking for a way to get your desktop apps deployed to the cloud. And for nonprofits looking for a cost-effective database application solution, you'll also find this podcast to be valuable.


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