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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Clifton, err I mean Clooney, wins Best in Show!

It's amazing how loyal you become to the breed you own. As you know, Clifton, a.k.a. my dog and Alpha mascot, is an Irish Setter. So when there's news about Irish Setters, I'm automatically drawn to it. I might be a little late with what I'm about to share, but being the proud owner of an Irish Setter, I'll let my tardiness slide this time.

I was thrilled when I saw Clooney (who bares an uncanny resemblance and name to Clifton), an Irish Setter, win Best in Show at The National Dog Show. I feel like a proud papa. :) Below is the interview after he won. Pay special attention to Clooney's reaction when the announcer asks his handler if Clooney knows that he won the Best in Show. Enjoy!


Janet said...

Clifton's better looking :-)

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