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Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to use Xbasic to interact with SQL tables

I'm getting into the holiday spirit. Maybe it's the chilly weather up here in New England or maybe someone spiked my eggnog. ;) Whatever it is, I'm in the giving mood. So let me start with giving out a new tutorial my brother Selwyn put together.

If you're working with SQL databases, did you know that you can use Xbasic to interact with the SQL data? Well, you can! In Selwyn's tutorial, he shows you how to use Xbasic to connect to a SQL database and manipulate tables within it.

For example, you can insert, update, and delete records in the SQL table, or issue any SQL command to it. And if you attended the Learn Xbasic class at our recent Alpha University courses, you'll remember learning how to use AlphaDAO in Xbasic to interact with SQL databases.

If you're already familiar with ADO, you'll find some similarities between AlphaDAO and ADO. Although, after watching the videos in the tutorial, you'll come to appreciate how much easier AlphaDAO is to work with. Flip over to the tutorial to see how it all comes together. Enjoy the tutorial as I enjoy some eggnog.


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