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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Internationalization support makes your Alpha Five Web apps speak in tongues

Back in March, I gave you a sneak peek at Alpha Five's new internationalization support. We extended language definition strings from the grid component to the Tabbed UI component and the page layout builder. Then shortly after, we added 130 currency symbols.

When you're in the cloud, you want everyone to be able to understand your app. That's why we continue to extend our internationalization support.

I told you about these new abilities, but I haven't shown you how they work in a real, live Web application. So let me introduce you to what Alpha Five expert Jim Dusoe built.

Jim developed an application for Woolworks Live, a company that provides image resources to the fashion industry. The website had to operate in English and Japanese. Using Alpha Five's language capabilities, Jim developed the site to seamlessly translate English into Japanese and vice versa for the end user.

Jim shows you how he built the Japanese side of the app, how he's able to make it flip from one language to another, what it looks like from the end user side, and much more. Hit play on the video above and start watching. And if you've already worked multiple languages into your Alpha Five Web apps, send me an e-mail with a demo. We might even feature it on the blog!


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