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Monday, December 27, 2010

New Web application framework will put you over the moon

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, it was a major accomplishment to say the least. But his accomplishment pails in comparison to Steve Wood's. Steve was the first person to build a complete Web application with Alpha Five Version 6 in 2005. (I'm exaggerating a bit, but come on, I was pretty excited when the first Alpha Five Web app launched.)

Unlike Neil, who never went to the moon again, Steve has built dozens of Web applications since. Steve also runs AlphaToGo, LLC, which builds custom apps and offers developers support. He even built the company's website on Alpha Five.

Steve's been able to build so many Web applications because he created a template that serves as the foundation for every Web application built with Alpha Five. The framework is a complete, ready-to-go environment for building an Alpha Five Web application with proper security, user management, content management, and preferences management.

The framework contains all the pages you would expect to find in a commercial website, such as login, about us, my account, etc. Steve used this framework for his own personal use for years, but one day slapped himself on the forehead. In his eureka moment, he realized that a lot of other developers would greatly benefit from this tool.

Steve never set out to sell his framework, but realized that it could save developers hundreds of programming hours and get sophisticated Web applications to market faster. So he packaged up his creation for Alpha Software into the AlphaToGo Web Application Framework SQL Edition and DBF Edition. Hit the video to get a quick, three-minute overview of the framework from Steve.

As you just saw, The AlphaToGo Web Application Framework can be up and running in five minutes. It's essentially an instant website that can be customized to your needs. Better yet, once it's live, you or your client can edit the content online.

If you're worried about learning a new tool, AlphaToGo has plenty of resources including free limited support. That covers installation, configuration, and publishing issues. There's also a video library to get you up to speed quickly and weekly instructional webinars.

So if you're ready to build Web applications in a fraction of the time of get more applications built in a shorter amount of time, you can save $474 on the Web Application Framework right now in the Alpha product store. Here's what's on sale now:

  • SQL Edition stores data in SQL tables for better performance, reliability, and scalability. Includes scripts to build database for MySQL and SQL Server.
    • Regular Price: $999 Your Price: $525

  • DBF Edition stores data in DBF tables making setup easy. No other database backend required.
    • Regular Price: $999 Your Price: $525

After you install the AlphaToGo Web Application Framework, give it a test try and tell us what you think in a comment on this post. Even better, send me a demo of the application you built and we can feature it on the blog.


Steve Workings said...

Believe it or not, I've met Neil Armstrong. And I know Steve Wood. And I can tell you, that Steve Wood is no Neil Armstrong.

BTW, Cady Collins, spouse of one of my customers, is on the current Soyuz mission.

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