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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

North Little Rock Police Department stakes out its place in the cloud with Alpha Five

I can't believe it's been almost a year since we introduced Alpha Five Version 10. In that time I've seen some knock-out Web and desktop applications built with it. One of those include the Web app Alpha developer Bob Moore built for the North Little Rock Police Department.

Below is a short video Bob put together demoing his app where potential employees can apply for a position at the North Little Rock Police Department. Bob's application uses a SQL Server 2008 back-end. As you'll see, it includes a complex Grid that uses a Tabbed UI within the Grid quite effectively.

Conditionals are also used to hide and display information that is dependent upon the answers to previous questions in the application. The result is user-friendly navigation. In addition, the police department wanted the printed employment application to look exactly like a previously defined report when it was printed as a PDF.

That included having a fixed number of previous employer detail fields printed out, even if they were blank. Bob had to use a total of three different report layouts that ultimately merged on the fly when the report is generated. This really shows what the Alpha Five report writer is capable of. Now it's time to see the app in action. Hit play below.


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