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Monday, January 31, 2011

Alpha Five add on: Alpha Five Documentor for desktop applications

I told you I would start telling you more about the Alpha Five add ons, so let me start fulfilling my promise. I'll begin with the Alpha Five Documentor.

This add on is a handy tool that lets you inspect and print the structure of your tables, field rules, scripts, and functions.

The documentation can then be e-mailed or saved as a Microsoft Word document, PDF, plain text file, or it can be printed or previewed on the screen.

Essentially, the Alpha Five Documentor documents the objects on the Alpha Five control panel and its component data fields or Xbasic code.

With its global search capability, it's simple to find the name for any data field, layout object, index, script, and so on, in your database.

It's a great way to keep your work organized, and a powerful tool for figuring out someone else's work. If the Alpha Five Documentor is an add on you'd find useful, you can buy it from the Alpha Five product store for $49. And if you already own it and have been putting it to good use, tell us about it in a comment on this post.


gary said...

i have questions.
1. does it do all scripts, whether the code is attached to a button or any event?
2. is the output in color, as it appears in the script editor? it should be, if it isn't.
3. why is there only one screenshot?

Bill Parker said...

A5Doc finds ALL scripts, field rule events, toolbar icons, report events, etc. And it does much more than scripts. Any object on the Alpha Five control panel is documented and can be searched.

See more screen shots and output at

Richard Rabins said...

Thanks Bill for answering Gary’s questions.

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