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Monday, January 17, 2011

How to build an Ajax Web application in Alpha Five: "The Tutorial, Volume II" released

With the release of Alpha Five Version 10 almost a year ago, we spent a lot of time in 2010 developing supporting material for it. Dr. Martin Heller joined the Alpha Software family to help us with it, and in the process wrote white papers, tutorials, books, developed Alphapedia, and much more.

But just because 2010 is over, it doesn't mean Martin is slowing down. I'm thrilled to introduce you to Volume II of his "Alpha Five Version 10.5 Web Applications: The Tutorial."

Back in March we released Volume I. It taught you how to create Ajax Web grids against SQL databases, without programming. It was a huge success. So we're following it up right where Martin left off.

The newest volume will teach you everything else needed to create Web applications with Version 10.5, including A5W pages, Tabbed User Interface and Page Layout Builders, Linked Grids, and basic reports on the Web.

Step-by-step, the 257-page book walks you through building more sophisticated pages and interfaces. Plus, it includes hundreds of screenshots. See for yourself, you can download the first 36 pages for free.

If you like what you see, you can buy the PDF download for only $39. Or, if you want a printed copy, you can get that for $49, and you'll still get the PDF. Here's a look at the table of contents:

Chapter Four: A5W Pages
What We'll Learn
Before We Begin
What Is A5W?
Creating Blank A5W Pages
Creating A5W Pages From A Layout Template
Editing A5W Pages
Importing Html Layouts
Adding Components To A5W Pages
Adding components in WYSIWYG view
Adding components in source view
Adding components with third-party page editors
A5w Genies
Background fill
Cascading selects
Message Box
Finding Items In The HTML Editor
Inserting HTML Elements
Using Tables
Using Html Forms
Using CSS Style Sheets

Chapter Five: Tabbed User Interface and Page Layout
Tabbed User Interface Builder
Building a simple tabbed navigation interface
Customizing the Tabbed UI container page
Using containers to organize your buttons
Using other design elements
Exploring Tabbed UI button/hyperlink properties
Nesting Tabbed UIs
Page Layout Builder
Page Layouts versus Tabbed UIs
Building a simple Page Layout
Page Layouts versus A5W pages
Combining layouts
Using layouts in tabbed UIs

Chapter Six: Linked Grids
Linking And Filtering Grids
Row Expanders
Linked Content Areas

Chapter Seven: Basic Reports
How Reporting Works
Defining A Data Source
Options For Designing A Report
Introducing The Report Editor
Using The Quick Report Genie
Quick Tabular Report
Quick Repeating Form Report
Quick Groups with Totals Report
Quick Summary Report
Editing A Generated Report
Designing A Report From Scratch
Parameterizing a Data Source
Running A Report From A Web Page
Report Version Control

If you decide to buy the book, send me your feedback and let me know what you think. Even better, send me a demo of the app these books are helping you build. We might even feature it on the blog!


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