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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Staying happy and healthy with a canine companion

I've told you about my "bring your dog to work" philosophy and how it can strengthen business relationships. But did you know it could also be good for your health?

Well, you don't have to necessarily bring your dog to work, just owning a dog will do the trick (pun intended). Dr. Dawn Marcus highlights the health benefits of owning a pup on, as well as how they can reduce migraine triggers.

According to the post, Clifton is not only helping me build business relationships, but he's helping to keep me healthy and migraine free. But trust me, this new perk in no way influenced him being hired as Alpha Software's Director of Sniff Testing. It's just another reason why he's my best friend. :)

Dr. Marcus points out a number of other benefits dogs can bring to your life, so I encourage you to flip over and give it a read. And if your dog has helped make your life a little healthier and happier, tell me about it in a comment.


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