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Friday, February 04, 2011

How to refresh the parent Grid when an event occurs in the child Grid

Children. Ya gotta' love 'em. Sure, they can be a handful sometimes, but the joys and ease of use they bring you are rewarding. Ease of use? You're right, I'm not talking about a human being right now. I'm talking about child Grids.

When you make a change in the child Grid, you've always been able to update the parent Grid if you hit the refresh row button on the parent Grid. Now, you can force a child Grid to refresh a row in the parent. Who would have thunk that the children would be telling the parents what to do?

In the videos below, Selwyn demonstrates this by using a Grid based on the "Customer" table. It has a linked content section showing a Grid based on the "Invoice_Header" table. This relationship makes the "Customer" Grid the parent of the child Grid, the "Invoice_Header."

When a record in the child, or "Invoice_Header," Grid is saved, Selwyn shows you how to use the AfterUpdateRecord event handler to make a change to the parent, or "Customer," table. This event forces the "Customer" Grid to automatically refresh to show the change. Watch the videos and then give it whirl.

Part one

Part two

Part three


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