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Friday, February 18, 2011

Microsoft Access developers tell you why Access is 'not ideal for Web solutions'

We've been beating up Microsoft Access on this blog for a while because it has serious issues for developers wanting to deploy their applications to the cloud. I've given you my reasons and you've even heard from a few developers who abandoned MS Access over it.

I'm not going to beat Access up more today. Instead, FMS, Inc., a very well-known and respected MS Access development company, will take that role. Luke Chung, President of FMS, Inc., recently wrote the article "Database Evolution: Microsoft Access within an Organization's Database Strategy," and pointed out that Access is not an ideal platform for Web solutions.

First, Microsoft's own developers revolted on its own website. Now an Access development community says that it's not optimized for the Web and the "licensing rules and user counts around SharePoint also make it quite expensive to create solutions for the general public."

To say that Access isn't designed for the Web is like saying this is a good car, but it isn't designed for highway travel. It's absurd, but true. But don't let me sell you on the idea. Jump over to the article to give it a read yourself.


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