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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alpha Five Version 11 Feature Peek #1: Google Maps integration

You'll never have to ask for directions again with the new Google Maps integration in Alpha Five Version 11. Now you can graphically display your records in the Grid on a Google Map. In the videos below, Selwyn uses a Grid that lists the name, city, state, zip, latitude, and longitude of airports to demonstrate the many ways you can display the records on the map.

He walks you through how to add the the new alternate view under Properties. Then he shows how to include different icons on the map to represent different records, allow the Detail View to pop up when you click on a record in the map, add a search field where the results are displayed on the map, the multiple ways the map can be viewed or laid out, and much more.

A Google Map is just one of the many different ways you're going to be able to view data in a Grid in Version 11, but more of that to come in another post. Most importantly, this new feature trims some significant time off of incorporating a Google Map into your app on your own. And with the demand for locational references in applications, this is something end users are going to benefit from too.

Watch the four videos below to wrap your head around this new feature. Then tell me what you think about it in a comment on this post. Oh, and your ears aren't mistaking you. Selwyn does mistakenly say that this is a Version 10 feature about two minutes into the first video. We'll include that in a blooper reel one of these days. ;)

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four


gary said...

and i just saw this after posting.

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