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Monday, March 28, 2011

Alpha Five Version 11 Feature Peek #3: Calendar and scheduling support

People use calendars and scheduling for more than just setting up appointments and phone calls. They use it for managing supply chains, setting invoice due dates, synchronizing employee schedules, etc. The list is long.

Calendar and scheduling support in Alpha Five Version 11 makes it easier for your users to keep track of their critical data by providing a graphical display to select dates and times on a calendar. For example, I showed you how Bob Moore's jQuery calendar component functioned in Mike Scholin's USMON Pro 2 Web app he built with Alpha Five Version 10.5. At that time, Mike had to purchase Bob's JavaScript add-on separately. Now this support is built in.

Although a third-party library might be required, the heavy lifting to integrate to this component from Alpha Five is done for you. Watch the video to see how you'll be able to add a new Web component to your app in Version 11, the options you can define in the calendar Web component, and more.


kwhorne said...

Very good.... Long wanted feature
When will ver 11 be relased?

Richard Rabins said...

We haven’t announced a launch date for Version 11 yet. But it's coming along great. I'll post an update on the release date once it's been finalized.

Frank said...

The scheduling program is something I have been looking forward to as well. Many of the Web based applications have a scheduling/calender as a major component. In fact your most recent posts have addressed some features that my clients ( small building contractors)are interested in. Mobile accessibility, spreadsheet uploading,and a calender program for job scheduling. Of course the ability to accomplish these tasks with limited coding knowledge and a initial low investment(at least to start.)
Even though you have pointed out the disadvantages of these cloud databases, they still seem to be expanding. I believe they will be Alpha's true competition in the very near future.

Hope ver 11 is not to far off.

building estimating software said...

The new features are brilliant.I really love the function of mobile accessibility which offers me a more flexible ways to work on my project and check the schedule in time.Looking forwards to see more new features being released.

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