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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dabble DB is no more: Developers abandoned

It's a sad day for Dabble DB developers. According to Dabble DB's website, it will be closing shop on May 18, 2011. Dabble developers will now have to dabble in another platform.

The good news is that you can export your data by May 18. The bad news is that you are now faced with rebuilding the business logic you perfected in Dabble DB.

Even worse, if you have employees or customers using or depending on that Dabble DB application, it is, for all intents and purposes, offline and dead.

This is the #1 risk of cloud computing for any company that makes the mistake of committing to a database development platform entirely hosted in the cloud. Frankly, there couldn't be a higher risk if you're depending on that database to run your business or a part of it. Because at a moment's notice, that strategic business asset is gone, fundamentally undermining your business, and conceivably shutting it down.

Now don't interpret this as Alpha Software being opposed to cloud computing. Quite the opposite. We've bet our future on both the desktop cloud and mobile cloud. In fact, that's what our investments in Codeless Ajax and the things we're working on now (which I won't say anymore about just yet) are all about.

But our approach and our recommendation are different than those companies who want you to commit to their system entirely through your Web browser. Or software like Microsoft Access, which locks you into a proprietary desktop platform that requires special servers in order to publish a database to the Web. Even after it's published, it's still really a desktop database.

Our counsel in a nutshell to database developers everywhere is to build your applications on the desktop and then deploy them to operate over the Web. That's Alpha Five's model. It allows any developer of any skill level to bring their ideas to life. And it gives you the ability to move your business logic from platform to platform, instantly and reliably.

And most important, you own and control your code. If a service provider you're using goes belly up, you can take your code and deploy it elsewhere.

I've already received an e-mail from one Dabble DB developer telling me she's now using Alpha Five. I didn't get her permission to use her name in this blog post, but I am going to e-mail her back to find out what successes she experienced going from Dabble DB to Alpha Five and what road bumps she's hit along the way. I'll share any valuable information she has here, on the blog.

Most importantly, to help Dabble DB developers never make this mistake again and never be left out in the cold by a cloud-based database vendor, we're putting together a competitive upgrade offer for you. Watch this spot to find out when it's announced.


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