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Monday, March 14, 2011

Hear why Web developers are abandoning Microsoft Access

We've talked to plenty of developers this past year about their frustrations with the Web capabilities (or lack there of) of Microsoft Access in podcasts.

Frankly, we did this because we know that Alpha Five offers Access developers an easy, cost-effective solution for migrating their apps to the Web.

But instead of me telling you this over and over, I wanted to give you the raw, unedited conversations we had with developers about why they left Access for Alpha Five.

Melissa, the voice of the Alpha Software podcasts, talked to some of these developers. In case you missed any of them, I compiled all of the podcasts for you below. Browse through our selection because Melissa talks to a variety of developers.

From long-time, experienced Access developers to non-developers, Melissa gives them the floor to express the reasons why Microsoft is not a good Web solution. And if you don't time to listen, you can always grab the transcripts.

How Microsoft is abandoning its Access developers
Wayne Hopkins, Chief Financial Officer of Q Corporation in California and an MS Access developer, vents his frustration over Microsoft's clear abandonment of the small business owner and developer. Hear him talk about his history with Access, why he's disappointed with the Web capabilities MSFT Access 2010 offers, the specific items that limit developers from taking an Access app to the Web, and how Access really stacks up against Alpha Five.

Cure Microsoft Access headaches: Take one Alpha Five and call me in the morning
Dr. Chris O'Brien, a neuropsychiatric pharmacist at the Regional Center in California, has successfully been using Microsoft Access for the last 11 years for medical reporting. But when he wanted to build a Web app to merge medical records and case management, he was frustrated that Access limited his abilities to take his database to the Web. Listen to Dr. O'Brien's valuable advice about what it's like making the jump to Alpha Five.

'Doctor doctor, gimme the news, I gotta bad case of lovin' Alpha Five
Dr. Michael Scholin is a doctor of audiology who works in IntraOperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM). Mike used Access in the past for medical reporting, but in this field of medicine, technicians and surgeons aren't all located in one place. He left Access to develop a Web application that could be accessed on any computer. Listen to Mike's reasons for moving away from Access to get his app on the Web.

Today's lesson plan: Using Alpha Five to power your nonprofit
Alex Steinman, Education Director and Principal of the Harambee Christian School in Columbus, Ohio, used Microsoft Access to build a database where users could remotely access a desktop app at various locations. But when he looked at the Web-based options in Microsoft Access, and called them "pathetic." Hear how Alex searched for a new platform to take his app to the cloud, and why he migrated from Access to Alpha Five.

How one nonprofit is migrating from Microsoft Access to Alpha Five
Alan Owen, Managing Director of JA Computer Solutions Ltd (JAC) in the U.K., had a lot of success building desktop applications with Access, but recently started migrating his apps to the Web with Alpha Five. Alan tells Melissa why Access worked well for JAC until it came to building a Web app. He also reveals what it's been like migrating from Access to Alpha Five, the successes he's had, the problems he's encountered, where he turns when he needs questions answered or bugs fixed, and more.


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