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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alpha Five Version 11 Feature Peek #5: Going mobile

In case you haven't been catching my not-so-subtle hints, Alpha Five Version 11 is going to include a mobile development framework. I'm pretty amped up about this and here's why. Developers today have to build for six mobile operating systems, including iOS from Apple, Android from Google, Symbian from Nokia, Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft, RIM from BlackBerry, and webOS for HP/Palm.

And I'm sure even more operating systems will be popping up in the near future. Developers are going to burn out trying to keep pace with the proliferation of mobile operating systems and the demands of application development.

But what Alpha Five has been able to do for building mobile applications is, I think, pretty groundbreaking. Essentially, you will build your mobile application once and be able to run it across every mobile platform on the market, including tablets. But here's the best part: It will look and behave like a native application.

We're still baking the mobile development framework in the oven and it hasn't passed the sniff test yet, but I just can't resist giving you a taste of it. Below is a video from Alpha developer Bob Moore. In it, he demonstrates the work that's been going on in jQuery mobile in Alpha Five. Hit play. You'll notice how it looks and feels completely native, but it' all done in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript.


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