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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The agenda is in for the Alpha UK launch and Developer Conference!

As the month of June winds down, I'm getting ready for a big date in July. No, it's not the Fourth of July, although that's a big day too -- and you'll find me at the grill in a "Kiss the Cook" apron! But aside from that, I'm referring to July 6.

That's when the Alpha UK launch and Developer Conference will take place at the Heathrow Hilton in London. Last month I gave you a preview of what you'll be able to do at the conference, including meeting the madmen behind Alpha Software and getting in-depth insight into our upcoming Alpha Five release.

As things fall into place, I now bring you the tentative agenda for the day. But before I launch into the list of sessions, let me remind you that the event is free, AND everyone who comes will get the beta version of Alpha Five V.11 How's that for fireworks??

Here's the agenda so far. We'll kick off the day with an 8:30 a.m. start.

Welcome and Conference Registration

Morning Session 1 - Alpha Software in the U.K.
I'll be joining Alpha UK's Head of Business Development, Martin McSweeney, to open the day. We'll be presenting a brief introduction to the new Alpha U.K. operation and the creation of the Alpha Five Developer Network for Alpha developers in the U.K. Selwyn Rabins, Chief Technical Officer of Alpha Software U.S. and whose voice you probably recognize from our feature peeks, will also present an overview of the development goals for Alpha Five.

Morning Session 2 - Alpha Five v.11 - A first hand look!
Selwyn will present the power and versatility of Alpha Five V.11. He will be focusing on the new Dialog Component, what's new in the Grid, the User Defined Components, Calendar Component, and GIS Mapping.


Afternoon Session 1 - Alpha Five V.11 - Mobile
Our VP of Mobile, Bob Moore, will present the groundbreaking mobile framework for Alpha Five V.11. We know that mobile apps are now customary for Web developers, so we're excited to show you how your applications can be rapidly developed and deployed across multiple mobile platforms. Bob will demonstrate some really exciting features designed to deliver great mobile applications to any Web-enabled device. He will discuss the use of HTML5 for mobile, the new Video Component, the Image Gallery Component, and HTML and Excel Reporting.

Afternoon Session 2 - Alpha Five The Road Ahead
Selwyn will introduce the roadmap for IIS and -- attention all Microsoft programmers -- .net integration in Alpha Five. Then, Kurt Rayner will join us via Skype from the U.S. Office to provide a more detailed overview on the integration of these technologies. Afterward, Clive Swanepoel of ZebraHost, our U.K. Alpha Five hosting partner, will join us via Skype to talk about new U.K.-based hosting facilities to get your apps to the Web. Finally, Martin McSweeney and I will summarize and close the conference.

All of us at Alpha Software are looking forward to the conference and meeting you. Make sure you register ASAP if you haven't already, because spots are filling up fast. I took at look at the registration list this morning, and only a few seats were left. If you have any questions about the conference, ping our team.


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