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Monday, June 13, 2011

Alpha Five Version 11 Feature Peek #10: Animate the Tabbed UI component

This Alpha Five Version 11 feature peek doesn't add functionality to your apps, but it will let you add some pizzazz. And how do you add pizzazz to a database application? With animation, of course! Companies and clients want more than just a functional application for the desktop, Web, mobile, tablet, etc. They need it to look and feel smooth, fluid, and have some style.

And in Alpha Five Version 11 we're giving you the tools to let you easily add some aesthetically pleasing elements to your apps. Today I'm giving you a peek at how you'll be able to add animation to the Tabbed UI component and the Page Layout component.

Currently, if you collapse or expand the accordion control in the Tabbed UI, the buttons will display instantaneously. The same goes if you were using a tab control. In Version 11, there's a new property for the tab/accordion control called animation.

Now you'll be able to choose the animation style and speed that will be used when the accordion or tab is opened and closed. The buttons can either slide or fade into view. And if you can decide which to choose, the "suggested" option will use the most appropriate animation style for the accordion or tab control. Give the video a gander to see it in action.


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