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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alpha Five Version 11 Feature Peek #12: Animate your apps

Every time Selwyn sends me a video of a new feature in Alpha Five Version 11, I kind of feel like Clifton when he sees me reach for the leash to take him for a walk. I just get more and more excited about the upcoming release of Version 11.

So let me share with you the latest from Selwyn. He made two new videos that give you a look at the new animation feature in Alpha Five Version 11. This time he shows you how to add animation to the buttons pane in the Tabbed UI and the detail view in the Grid component.

Hit the videos to watch how adding animation to the Tabbed UI and Grid components can add pizzazz to your database applications. And if you missed the other videos demoing the animation feature, hop back to my previous posts now to get the nitty-gritty details.

Video one 

Video two


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