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Monday, June 20, 2011

How Alpha Five training in South Africa will teach more than just application development

I love South Africa (you know, since I'm from there) and I love Alpha Five. Combine the two, and you have my full attention! Mbuso Ngcongo, Systems Specialist at Infomas in South Africa, got just that when he told me he was starting an Alpha Five training school in my home country. I immediately wanted to talk to him to find out more.

Mbuso's been using Alpha Five as the main database application development tool at Infomas, the company he started in 2002 that develops custom databases to manage internal business operations. Prior to Alpha Five, Mbuso was using FileMaker. But the amount of code he was writing wasn't getting applications built fast enough. He searched for an alternative and discovered Alpha Five.

Its Codeless Ajax let him build sophisticated database applications quickly, but it also gave him the ability to write code himself. He was so impressed at the speed at which he could build apps that he wanted to introduce Alpha Five to other developers in South Africa.

That's why Mbuso decided to open up an Alpha Five training school. But Mbuso's school will do more than just teach application development. He believes that software has the potential to create wealth from where isn't any. And if more people are exposed to technology, particularly application development, the more economically liberated South Africa will become.

There's a lot more to explain from here, so Melissa talked to him on Skype to get the full story. In addition to learning the importance of desktopWeb, and mobile application development, Melissa found out how Mbuso became a developer, the benefits Alpha Five provides him and his clients, and so much more. Hit play to start watching.

For information about Mbuso's Alpha Five training school, go to And to contact Mbuso, e-mail him at Thanks Mbuso again for talking with Melissa!


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