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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Introducing project management as a service built in Alpha Five

If you search "best project management software" on Google, you'll see that there are more than enough apps out there to satisfy any project manager or company that needs to manage projects. But that's also a problem.

There are so many companies trying to solve the problem of project management. And as a project manager, you could go to your grave still evaluating thousands of apps. And then when you do find a project management app, it's usually just good enough and doesn't really satisfy all of your needs.

That was the problem that Mauricio Maisterrena, an industrial engineer, faced. Part of Mauricio's job is managing projects. So when he was tasked with finding a project management application, nothing on the market was suiting his needs.

Instead of settling for something that would only do most of the job, not all of it, Mauricio decided to build an app himself. He had no programming experience, so he turned to Microsoft Access as a starting point since it was well known. But after he discovered that it lacked the tools to take his app to the Web, he started a search for a development tool that could securely deploy an app to the cloud.

Through an Internet search, Mauricio found Alpha Five and was shocked at how easy it was for a non-programmer like him to build an app and deploy it to the Web so easily. After building a project management app, Mauricio began learning Xbasic and started developing in his spare time.

And when he saw that other companies needed a similar project management application like the one he built, he carved out time to create his own project management application. Mauricio built a full Web-based project management system with Alpha Five Version 10.5 called Projects AI.

It’ll soon be available as a SaaS application through Alpha Software. Right now we are in beta test mode and we want to invite Alpha Five developers to give it a test drive to tell us what they think. But instead of just posting the demos Mauricio created, we asked Melissa to talk to Mauricio about how his application is different from other apps such as BasecampPrimavera Project Planner, and others. Hit play to find out why you should test out the beta version of Projects AI.

Now that you know more about Projects AI, watch the two demos Mauricio put together. The videos walk you through the app step by step.

If you're ready to start putting it to the test, go to, sign up, and get to work! Once you've tested it, give Mauricio your feedback at


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