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Monday, September 12, 2011

Alpha Five Version 11 Feature Peek #27: All in the family with parent-child grids

New feature in Alpha Five Version 11 -- the grid family tree! Just kidding, I haven't actually mapped out a family tree for the grids. Read on to see what I mean.

In these next two videos, Selwyn talks about how you can use a server-side event and some JavaScript to lay out the position of linked content sections in a grid with precision.

Video one opens in working preview where Selwyn has set up a simple example grid that has faux customers' state of residence, and two additional grids showing city and last name. So when a state is selected, the second grid automatically displays all cities in the state, and the third grid has all the customers in that city.

Each grid has an embedded grid within it, and you can see that by going into design mode and looking under "linked content definition."

We call these parent-child grids because the state grid has the city grid inside of it, and the city grid has the last name grid inside of it, and so on, right down the line of the family tree.

You can display these sequentially, vertically, or horizontally -- it just takes a little JavaScript. Selwyn will walk you though the process.

The second video completes the method of JavaScript coding in design mode by using a server-side event called "on after existing rows rendered." He heads into that code and adds the remaining JavaScript.

Watch these two videos to see how you can precisely locate your grid's linked content!

Video One

Video Two


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