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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alpha Five Version 11 does the Metro UI

Well, in all honesty, that headline is a bit of an overstatement. The truth is, one of the new things you'll see in the upcoming Alpha Five is the ability to do mobile apps just as well as the ones that use the iPhone or the Android UI. However, one developer hasn't been waiting. He's been using Version 11's mobile capabilities to deliver the Windows 8 Metro experience today. And you can too.

The app was built by one of our newest Alphaholics, Robin Bennett, director of the U.K.-based Start Software with the help of his colleagues Ricky and Dan. When it was finished, they sent us a screenshot.

We've profiled Robin before, but in case you missed it, his company worked predominately in Microsoft before adopting Alpha for its web apps. So he has some great insight when it comes to the comparison between Microsoft and other development platforms.

The app was created for one of Robin's clients, Countrywide Group, a national legal services and investment company. It's where users go to see the status of their payments, check on their orders, view their client list updates, and contact the office quickly when needed.

The dashboard you see below serves as the homepage, and each tile is live to SQL data. Just like any app, clicking on them brings up the information that the user is looking for in the form of the grids, dialogs, or whatever else is required to complete the relevant action.

Take a look here:

It looks just like a Windows 8 app. We wanted to share this with our developers because it shows that not only can you get the functionality of a Windows app with Alpha, but the same look as well. And we're always trying to get developers to step outside of the so-called Microsoft box.

There's more to come from Robin. In May, he'll be giving a presentation entitled "How I became an Alphaholic," at the U.K. Access User Group National Seminar. And keep an eye on us for future announcements on Version 11's Metro experience.


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