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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Talking tablets with TabTimes

BYOD is one of the most disappointing acronyms I have ever encountered. It turns out that it stands for "bring your own device" to work, and is a catchphrase for the consumerization era. The reason it disappointed me was because I thought it meant "bring your own dog" to work, and as you all know, I'm a huge advocate of that trend.

But of course, that's not the case. And once I got past my initial disappointment, I was able to focus on the enormity of the trend. I've been tracking it for years, and recently, Tab Times asked me to share my thoughts on what most industry experts can agree on: BYOD is on the verge of mass adoption by corporations, and the device of choice is proving to be the tablet.

But BYOD poses significant problems to the enterprise. Problems that I believe Alpha Five Version 11 can help solve. Take in the article, and you'll see what I mean.

And P.S. no comments asking whether or not that's a dog in the photo!


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