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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Groupama Insurance wins award for administrative app built with Alpha Five

Sometimes good news takes a little while to reach us. I recently heard that Groupama Insurance won an award for an app they built with Alpha Five V11 late last year. I reached out to Dave Wyatt, IT Systems Development Manager for the healthcare division of Groupama Insurance, asking him to share his story, and he did.

By way of background, Groupama describes itself on its website as a "mutual insurance, banking and financial services group; Groupama has 39,000 employees serving 16 million members and customers."

Dave Wyatt had been working in Alpha Five on his own time when he brought Alpha Five to Groupama to see if it could solve the problem that his division had been struggling with.

The company was using Java to develop its applications in the cloud. But Dave's division found that Java was taking too long, required too much maintenance, and needed highly skilled (and more costly) Java developers.

Dave decided to attempt to rewrite Groupama Insurance's administrative system for the healthcare division in Alpha Five.

In about four months, the system Dave's division needed was up and running. When you factor in testing and deployment, the entire process took about six months.

Today, the company relies on its effective and easy-to-understand administrative system, EasyAdmin, which is entirely powered by Alpha Five.

Just how good is the app? Well,  Groupama was awarded the 2011 Best Online Intermediary Award for EasyAdmin. The award, presented by Health Insurance Awards, is given once a year to brokers or intermediaries in the healthcare industry.

And, by the way, if the system was built in Java, Dave would still be in the process of configuring what is needed to build the app.

Thanks to Dave for sharing his story about Alpha Five v11 and its productivity for building data driven web applications!


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