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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's better than a birthday bone?

Two birthday bones and some pupcakes! That's what we served this weekend at the birthday party for my uncles, Teige and Caspian. They mean a lot to me, and in fact, they're the reason I'm here today.

Capsian and Teige have lived next door to our family since before I become a Rabins. They came to visit so often, everyone eventually they fell in love with Irish Setters. The rest is history!

Here's a great video of the birthday boys chowing down on their homemade pupcakes:


We thought about going with one big cake, but because we needed a candle for each dog year, that posed some serious fire hazards.

Other activities of the day included pin the tail on the cat; smashing a bone-shaped pinata filled with, well, bones; and bobbing for bacon.

Happy birthday Teige and Caspian!


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