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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

11 feature packs for the 11th version of Alpha Five

You'll notice I'm posting this at 11:11 a.m. What can I say? I like a good theme! 

Today we announced the release of our 11th feature pack, "Power Search for Embedded Reports" for Alpha Five Version 11

No developer wants to buy bloatware that is loaded with features they will never need or use. That's why the core Alpha Five Version 11 platform focuses on the tools and technologies that are crucial to build web and mobile database-driven applications.

However, we get mail. Lots of it. It's from developers asking us about specific features. We weigh these requests, and when we see a number of developers needing a particular feature, we bake that into a feature pack. 

This way, those developers that need specific features can get them while we're not overloading the core platform with features that are unnecessary for the bulk of our developers. 

So far, we've produced 11 of these feature packs, and more are on the way as we continue to respond to the demands of our developers. And yes, if a certain feature pack takes off, it's entirely conceivable that that feature will find its way into the core platform at some point. 

There's more about our newest feature pack in the press release issues today:
11 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER: The 11th feature pack
is 'Power Search for Embedded Reports'

What would you like to see in Alpha Five Version 11's twelfth feature pack?   


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