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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alpha Five helps keep libraries current

When we released Alpha Five Version 11, one of our first orders of business was to use it to strengthen our relationship with Tech Soup.

Tech Soup is a global nonprofit organization that uses donated software to promote social change, and we've been donating our software for years. Now, Alpha Five Version 11 will be found in libraries throughout North America, giving libraries the technical support they need to stay current in a digital era.

Our latest donation of Version 11 topped out at a retail value of $365,000, and we issued a press release with all the details:

SUPER SOFTWARE: Alpha Five has helped 7,000 libraries

At Alpha Software, we're very aware of our social responsibility, and we love how Tech Soup gives us the ability to reach communities throughout the world.

Know of a library in your area that could use a boost? Leave it in a comment to have your community considered to be a recipient of Tech Soup's program.


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