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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another abandoned Access developer shares his story

We tend to take notice when an Access developer comes out of the closet and reveals how frustrated he is

DELETED: Microsoft has a history of
abandoning its developers
Well, that just happened on the ArtfulOpinions blog, penned by our friend and fellow developer, Arthur. In his post, "The Access Developer's Dilemma," Arthur outlines a history of Microsoft Access, from the release of the first version in 1992 up until the problem Access developers are faced with today. "There seems to be no future in continued Access development," Arthur writes.

But I can't do this post justice -- you'll have to read it for yourself. Head over to Arthur's blog, and don't be afraid to leave your opinion in the comment section, which has already sparked conversation.

Are you an Access developer frustrated with the limitations Arthur details in his post? Take a look at our newest white paper to find out how to move desktop Access apps to the web and mobile.


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