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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Microsoft Access shop adopts Alpha Five

When we last checked in with Alpha developer Robin Bennett, his U.K.-based IT software development and consulting business, Start Software, had just finished an Alpha app modeled after Microsoft's metro UI. You can take a look at our previous post to see just how much Robin's app looked like a Windows 8 app.

But Robin didn't stop there. Shortly after he completed that app, he announced Start Software's adoption of Alpha Five for web and mobile applications. Head over to our press release that has the details on Start Software's switch:

ADOPTING ALPHA: Start Software has seen an increase in proficiency and a decrease
in cost since choosing Alpha Five
 Thanks to Robin and everyone at Start Software for letting us share their story!

Are you an Access developer looking to tackle web and mobile? Tell us in a comment, and the next story could be yours!


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