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Friday, July 20, 2012

What does the Titanic and icebergs have to do with the market expansion being caused by Tablets?

As you may know, the very talented team of developers at  Alpha has been burning the midnight oil in order to bring a truly exciting platform to the market for rapidly building cross-platform data-driven mobile apps based on the Alpha Five foundation.

As you might expect, we are talking to customers and analysts continously to better understand the needs of customers, and we read a lot on the topic.

It was then with a certain element of surprise that we came across an article comparing the tablet to the Titanic that went beyond statistics and dry MBA-speak and in very clear and compelling terms summed up why the tablet is so important; important not really as a replacement of the desktop/laptop, but rather as an instrument of market expansion!

"Most tech pundits are confused about the Tablet computer. They compare the abilities of the PC (traditional notebook and desktop computers) to those of the Tablet and find the Tablet wanting. They can’t understand how the Tablet can be so dog gone popular when it makes for such a terrible PC.

"What they don’t understand is that the tablet isn’t trying to be a PC (unless it’s the Microsoft Surface). Tablet sales are exploding because the Tablet is competing against…nothing. The Tablet is going where the PC is weak and where the PC is absent. There’s virtually nothing standing in the tablet’s way."
The author does a great job in explaining his theory of why the tablet is truly a game changer and I think it will give you some ideas for applications you might want to build. These are truly exciting times to be in the application development business!

I hope you enjoy reading the article.


David Miranda said...

PC's are now mostly used for "computing"; tablets are handling the browsing, reading and gaming. I think that use of the tech resources makes sense.
Thanks to Steve Jobs.

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