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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Checking in from Alpha Five Version 10.5 training classes, day 2

Day two of the Alpha Five Version 10.5 training classes is finished and it was another great one! As promised, I asked some of the attendees for their feedback and Stewart Harris of South Africa was kind enough to write me this.

Hi Theresa,
Traveled from Johannesburg South Africa, via Dubai to London ... longggg flight pretty much 24 hrs travelling..(:-) but the course was well worth sitting in cattle class (economy) Seat for so long!!!!!

I had not really used Alpha5 in vengeance before. I spent more years than I care to admit developing on mainframes in many different programming languages and environments varying from assembler to Uniface and just about everything in between. I have picked up the concepts and IDE of Alpha5 very easily and I am really impressed with a lot of the features and the way things just work (Whoop Whoop Whoop specially for you Steve)


Thanks for your input Stewart! As I get more feedback I'll be posting it here on the blog.

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